Thursday, June 16, 2011

Haversack Spring/Summer 2012

(Above: Haversack designer Koji Norihide)
Here’s a look at Haversack’s spring collection. Like pretty much every Haversack collection lately, it’s a great collection. To pardon the cliche, there’s something for everyone, plain navy blazers for the sprezzy and patterned shirts for the fashion folks. We caught up with Koji Norihide for a couple of quick questions about the brand, which you can see after the leap.
Describe your brand in one sentence
In one sentence is very difficult. It’s basically a traditional old brand but it’s been revamped for modern day, so we’re talking the military look, the semi-formal formal look, we’re talking the casual look. But it’s all integrated, it’s all co-ordinatable.
What do you think of Pitti?
Pitti Umomo itself is very good it’s very interesting. There’s a lot of people from different countries in one melting pot right now. You see a lot of things you wouldn’t normally see when you’re back in your own country.
Favorite piece from the collection and why?
Very difficult, they’re all my favourite. But I like the navy blazer. But it’s not a traditional navy blazer, you’ve got all the brass buttons, enamel buttons, you’ve got the lining interwoven with linen, to give a different n-dimensional look. It’s all interpretable with the rest of the collection. But it’s very difficult to say which one’s my favourite because they’re all my favourite, I’m greedy.
Tell us something interesting about yourself that has nothing to do with clothing.
(answered by Haversack man and our translator Ian Noore) Born in Scotland, raised in England, lived in Japan for 35 years.

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