Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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01. An Affair to Remember
“The name Cary Grant will forever be synonymous with timeless, international style. Now, thanks to Grant’s daughter, Jennifer Grant, the screen legend will also be remembered for his role as a doting dad.” (RL Mag).
02. Chasing a Record, Montreal (above)
“I wanted to leave no doubt. After this particular session, which lasted six hours, I was leaving for Milan to get checked by Guinness World Records, and I was going to make sure that nothing was going to come between me and the records for the most tattooed bones and most tattooed insects. I was awarded two medals, so the trip was successful. So far, I’ve spent 300 hours, give or take, to look like the living dead. I hope to be done by the fall or winter. In the meantime, I’m busy working. The day this photo was taken, I had three interviews set up, and I was preparing for a tattoo show. I perform in Lucifer’s Blasphemous Mad Macabre Torture Carnival all over Canada, and I model for Thierry Mugler, which is where Lady Gaga found me for her ‘‘Born This Way’’ video. Why did I decide to embark on this project? I guess I didn’t really think it over. Kids and tattoos, you know.” (NYT).
03. Stuff I’ve Been Reading
“My friendship with the writer Sarah Vowell—history buff, TV and radio personality, occasional animated character—is now fifteen years old. For the first decade or so, it was pretty straightforward: whenever I was in New York, we would sit in a park staring at a statue of an obscure but allegedly important American figure, and she would talk about it while I nodded and smoked. Over the last few years, however, it has become complicated to the extent that it has started to resemble one of those Greek myths where the hero (in this case, me) is asked to perform tasks by some enigmatic and implacable goddess (her) or monster (also her). Vowell isn’t as well known in the U.K. as she should be—we have different chat shows, for a start, and because of the awesomely uncompromising insularity of her writing, her books aren’t published here. So, as one of her few English fans, I have been taking the literary challenges that she throws across the Atlantic personally. In my mind, at least, it goes like this. I tell her that I am an enormous admirer of her work, and she says, “In that case, I am going to write a book about the museums of the assassinated American presidents, excluding the most recent, and therefore the only one you are interested in. Will you read it?” I read it, loved it, told her so. ” (Believer).
04. Fifa vice-president Jack Warner resigns
“Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has resigned, world football’s governing body has confirmed.” (BBC).

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